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There are many reasons why I really love what I do but above all is that I have loads of free time for myself and I can dedicate time to all of the things I love. Also when Im working I get to travel to so many amazing places on this earth, so it really does not even feel like I am working. To be honest, it feels like I am adventuring around the world. Really no kiddos! Of course, sometimes it also gets really busy and every now and then I have to work at crazy hours but Its all worth it!!

It really does not even feel like I am working. To be honest it feels like I am adventuring around the world.

I remember in the beginning discussing the work we do with my flight deck and when I told them that I don’t think I would do this for very long (after I had just come from Emirates haha - I mean Emirates was super fun but also super tiring) they told me to just wait - that it becomes a kind of an addiction to in the end of your off days to get anxious and look forward to go to work and travel somewhere new again.

And it is reallly true - this time it was pouring like crazy in Marbella and I love rain but it was thunderstorming outside for a month straight so I began to feel like I needed a little escape to like Cape Town or somewhere beautiful and wild.

By the way -> Cape town -> amazing!!! If you have not been there - please go! Its truly beautiful, especially the nature part, its one of my fave spots!!

You can even see penquins there!!! (named African penquins aka jackass penquins!! :D)

BUT this month I had even a better suprise. My working schedule is 2 weeks ON and 2 weeks OFF and as my off days were coming to an end I started preparing to get ready for work again. When I was curious to check my schedule, to see if it showed anything on the roster already I discovered that I was put on Standby. Being on a standby means basically that you are stuck by the phone beside you. The company can call you any time to operate a particular flight just in case anyone calls sick or is unable to fly due to a unforseen circumstance and also when the aircraft has finished with maintenance.

So I ended up spending 13 extra days at home and proceeded to work for only 4 days and since my official Duty days ended I came home to enjoy my 2 weeks at home again. SUPEEER NICEEE HEY!!

Stuff like that sometimes happens because the aircrafts have to go to maintenance every now and then and all of the crew is not needed, so instead we stay on standby.

It was actually very much needed as I had to move apartments and get a car. So this additional time off helped me A LOT to get all settled in and have everything organised.

Ohh and I forgot to mention that I still got my salary as well!! Haha the best part of course.

Alrighty guys hope you had a good read and have a bit of an idea how it’s like to work for a private airline :)!!



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