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Instead of having one base where we live in, we have a list of multiple countries to choose from. They are approved as a base to live in and to proceed to work from (as you know we always start as a passenger and fly to the country where the plane is located at unless the plane is in our city already by coincidence). We can choose from a lot of different cities and countries (mostly Europe) and if you have a green card then US cities as well.

When choosing my base I first thought about Estonia as I was living there at the time and getting already back in my routine and kind of in my comfort zone as well of course. But as Estonia is a tiny country, unfortunately it is not approved. So then I had to think about the different countries and see where I would like to be based the most. As I loved Hawaii so much I knew pretty much straight away what kind of lifestyle I would want to create for myself. That made the selection process super easy cause Malaga is pretty much the only smaller place with the type of nature and warmth I like.

The beginning was of course hard as I had never ever even been to Spain before but I thought what the hell, let's give it a go. The super cool thing about our company is that it allows us to I think every six months or once a year change our base. So I wasn't very worried of what might happen if I do not like living in Malaga. When moving to a new city the plus side with a commercial airline is that you will instantly have a lot of colleagues living in the same place as you. Private Jet companies however don't have this big of a crew and since we have a lot of different countries approved there is nearly no one living in Malaga😅.

I have to say the first three months were really hard as I knew basicly no one and didn't speak the language either. Actually moving to Spain was by far the hardest of moving to any other place that I've lived before. Im happy I did not give up though as now I am really happy and love it here😊💃.

If you could choose any country/city in the world where would you live in?😋



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