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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

How to stay fresh and gorgeous looking while travelling? That's a question we ask all the time and see a lot of blogs and vlogs about. But more importantly how to maintain our youthful skin if we do travelling for a living and spend almost the same amount of time in the air as on the ground.

Every month going to work I have to first be a passenger myself on an airline to get to a country the airplane is located at on this very moment and when I arrive it is my turn to play the flight attendant role.

For me, it is always important that the products I use are natural and organic and don’t end up harming my skin. Today there is a lot what to choose from but here are my absolute travel companions that get to discover the world with me.

1. A lot of water

Guys i know this is sooo obvious but cmon sometimes it is the most obvious things that we forget and pay the least attention to. I love buying a 750 ml water bottle from my home airport in the beginning of the day. The size is perfect, i don’t run out too quickly and when I finish the bottle I just keep refilling it, when possible. Every day I try to drink around 3L of water (a bit under a gallon) whether onboard or not, staying hydrated is always important. Water takes a lot of toxins and chemicals out of your skin and does a lot more than any cream can.

2. Green matcha tea

Green matcha tea is life!!!! One of the major health benefits of matcha tea is that it delivers a mega dose of antioxidants in every sip. Ohh why are Antioxidants so good for you? Antioxidant vitamins include vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, and beta-carotene and they prevent ageing and chronic diseases.

We all know how healthy is broccoli and blueberries, well matcha is like ten times of that! In addition, matcha boosts metabolism, burns calories and helps you loose weight, detoxifies body, is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins and provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium.

3. Good sleep and a lot of naps

When travelling as a pax myself I love carrying around my eyeshades, they feel like an absolute heaven on my eyes. I recently discovered this awesome brand called Ööloom from Estonia, they are a bit more expensive than I would regularly pay for a pair but they are just so cute and feel so soft on my eyes, exacly like a blankie designed especially for eyes :P

Sometimes it is hard to find sleep even with shades on and I know a lot of people who can almost never sleep on a plane. Reading a book or listening to some audio or playing a boring movie from headphones can also be a lot of help sometimes, that kind of distracts me from my one million thoughts and makes me fall asleep.

4. The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

I just already love the name, job well done in the marketing and branding department :D. But this mask is more than a good name to it. This is an ultra-rich, hydrating overnight mask. The ingredients include Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils and Japanese Seaweed, they help repair skin's barrier to prevent dehydration and signs of premature ageing. So after a long day of flying, it feels so nice to put on a refreshing layer of the mask and wake up all gorgeous and fresh.

5. Organic sunscreen for face

Okay this is something again that I wear every single day whether summer or winter, it is so important to protect our skin from the harmful UV lights. The sun is number one ageing factor to our skin and it is important to protect it. Also when in the air the UV rays come through the window and are even stronger as we our higher up.

6. Rosehip oil

Or any oil!! Coconut, argan, olive, jojoba, you name it. Oils are really really good for our skin and differently to creams they actually penetrate deeper into our skin and keep our face moisturized longer. I usually apply it on my eyelids and under my eyes, on my neck and face. I don’t go crazy with it but just use a few drops and then pat it on my skin. I also use coconut or olive oil on my body as they are a lot cheaper. Oils do not suite for every skin so just be cautious when you first start.


Also I have to mention one thing that I do not use anymore but use to love love love and these are the different face mists that feel soo amazingly refreshing on our skin. A colleague of mine told me that her dermatologist said that spraying the mist onto our skin during a flight will do quite the opposite of what it's supposed to do. Basicly moisture acts like a magnet, attracting other moisture wherever it can. The air is so dry on an airplane that moisture is not present, so misting your skin will make the moisture within your skin evaporate out, leaving it tight, dry and dehydrated.

Eventually every person will find what suits best for them and what products react best to their skin but I hope you got some good tips and thoughts :)))


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