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In general I've lived in 5 different countries, but moving to Spain was definately the hardest I would have to say. It doesn't have to do anything with the country itself cause I really love it here. Out of the other places I've lived it's my second favourite. I am quite sincerely thinking about staying here. But of course owning up to the fact that one never knows what life might bring and how impulsive and spontaneous I like to be I don't think I can stay or think that way for 100% sure yet.

I never doubted that I would like to come to Malaga and try out living here thanks to all the Youtube videos 😆. But the fact that I had never been to Spain ever in my life before and that I barely knew anybody was quite scary I have to say. Plus all of that with also starting on a new job and spending two weeks out of the country, not really having my colleagues here to help me adjust and get into things either (as we are all international and have different bases).

So going back, I was already living in Estonia for 5 months. I spent an awesome summer home and was getting back into my daily life rhythm and going to all of my new fav spots that I had discovered within that time. I was looking for cars and trying to setup a little comfy space for myself. As I was looking for jobs in Estonia I couldn't really find anything that would make me feel super motivated and that I would really WANT to do. So I thought alright, I'll try sending out my cv's to some VIP CC positions. That's how I got the job offer from my current company.

In the beginning I was really excited and wanted to go very bad but as soon as I saw the email asking me to confirm if I would be accepting the position, fear took hold of me and I started doubting. When living in Dubai, it was a very hard time in my personal life and I felt quite alone there. I was afraid to again move away from my family who truly means the world to me and supports me in everything I do. Also that meant leaving behind my friends and my daily life that I was finally easing back into. With the new position, there was also a bond for 2 years. So if I was to go and not like it, I would have to pay back quite a sum. For a moment I felt quite terrified - leaving once more everything I know and jumping somewhere just because it seems exciting.

What if I do not like it? What if I feel alone? What if I won't be able to sleep again and want to come back home?

Some way I still knew that I would have to try. If I do not like it, F* it, I can always just come back home and pay back the money.

I was REALLY very lucky with the accommodation. While on interview for my current company we started to talk with the other girls - where we are from and which country we would choose for our base. As Estonia is not available to have for a base I said I choose Malaga and one of the girls told me that If I get the job I would let her know because she has an apartment there and the current renters are just about to vacate the place. And so it went😃! I got the job and contacted the girl.

I lived in Torremolinos for three months and the beginning was tough. I didn't know anyone, I was writing to the Facebook group called "Estonians In Malaga" and asked if somebody would show me around. I moved in November, it was getting cold and I did not have any heating in the apartment.

I would drink 10 cups of tea every day, warm my hands above the vitroceramic cooktop and freeze my butt off.

Also I didn't speak any Spanish and had to make my social security, take care of all the documents and arrange internet to the apartment. It was all kind of a circus going on😆. But luckily the bureaucracy in Spain is not that bad and I got my documents very fast.

From the beginning on I knew I want to move to Marbella, so when my 3 month contract finished I found a wonderful place I really liked and moved. Now I loveee it! The beachy lifestyle suits me very well.

I decided to move in with another girl cause I do not like living alone, also she introduced me to some people so it is a good way to adapt faster and find friends as well, plus she is pretty much like my sister now ❤️ and we get along very very well.

With job everything went very well too. All my fears disappeared as working together with the three of us - you really become more like friends and you loose the smalltalk. Spending 2 weeks together makes you discuss things in a more wider perspective and you also rely and look after each other. The team really either makes it or breaks it and I find the crew in our company amazing☺️.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what else you would like to read about! xx


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