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Let's get down to the biz and answer some burning questions that I know you have been wondering about.

Firstly, this only works if you have been crew yourself; or at least understand our daily schedule and routine. It is easy to live in our bubble and leave the daily life rythm behind. We don't live for the weekends because when we are off it is our weekend! If you put an office person and a crew together it makes it a lot harder. A lot of the time while the blue collar is working from nine to five, Monday to Friday; the crew is chilling from Monday to Wednesday and doing a five day trip to the Caribbean (for example) or Luton (🤣!!).

Not only does one work when the other is enjoying their off time, but if you work in the office and have never done this type of job before your first thought may be if he/she is loyal? Will you be able to trust the person? If you know how the work goes you probably know we do this all the time and going to the Caribbean doesn't mean that it is the first time ticket to the Magic wonderland where the Mojiots are never ending and what happens there stays there. Sure we have a few drinks on the hot beach and hang out with the crew but that doesn't mean our minds are not with the people we love. Sadly as Heather Poole said: "Nine times out of ten, imaginations get the best of those left on the ground."

Now that also depends very much with the person you are with! Some people go to the Caribbean every time like its their last and get up to some Fd up sh*. If they are single go for it! If not - then OUCH!

If you are both crew - congrats! It can be great for the relationship. Crew have more time off than most people do, which means more quality time together versus after work exhaustion and TV then sleep. Crew have access to great travel benefits and possibilities which help make vacations quite frequent.  We are used to airports, long travel times and complicated travel procedures. We are also able to visit destinations that aren’t feasible for most people because of constraints related to time and money.

On the other hand however, if you do not manage to fly parallel schedules then you will end up seeing each other even less than a normal couple does.

Crew are very independent and they value their freedom highly. Crew dating each other USUALLY means (not always, sadly) great trust and freedom to do what you want instead of jealousy and control. Due to our long work hours we have to be able to relate to and empathize with kids, as well as elderly, we can put ourselves in other persons shoes and see each others perspective more easily. We have great patience and stay calm and strategic even in the most stressful situations. We are adventurous and spontaneous and ohh boy do we bring that into the relationship!

Here's a little snap shot of our reality. Hope it gave you some insight :)

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