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Updated: May 10, 2018

PORTO, my new favourite city in Europe!!! I haven't really seen a lot of Europe yet though 😂 but really this town was gorgeous and so historical. Through Porto flows a river called Douro, which makes this city so magical. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and is one of the oldest European centers and one can really see and feel it when strolling through the city.

Me and the co-pilot Marina (Super awesome girl and a badass athlete that almost killed me with her workouts :D) took a morning jog through the city to kill two bees at once and get a workout and sightseeing done as we only had a day at this place and were amazeeed by the views it offered.


We were running on this edge above the river (as you can see on the pic) and it was so scary 😃 It felt exactly like we were gonna fall through any second lol.

Our run took us to the famous Dom Luís I Bridge and it definately required some stamina to climb up all the stares hehe, but definately worth it! This view was too sick! And then we went to the other side of the bridge to chill out a bit and get another glimpse of this picturesque view.

Discovering Porto my mouth was constantly open and eyes shining, I could just feel the special vibe it has. The weather was very warm and sunny and running by the riverside just felt somehow so super relaxing that we did not even notice how we had completed a 14km run.


I kept asking my crew if they had ever been to Lisbon and how that city is like. Porto was so beautiful I simply could not imagine another Portugese city being more lovelier😄 So now I am definately crazy excited to see Lisbon to compare them even though im 100% procent sure already that they will both be amazing in their own way.

On our way back we also met up with our capten to catch our breath and have a bit of lunch which was exactly what we needed after this insanely long run. Oh and I also bought loads of souvenirs! I usually don't cause if I would do it everytime I would have way too much stuff but the souvenirs in Porto were perfect for my family and cousins as I went straight to Estonia after this rotation ended.

AAAND one more thing! Who likes sweeter wines like me☺️ then the Port dessert wines are AMAZINGGG. I didn't drink at all for 2 years but I heard red wine was good for your heart so im practising a bit again haha😅 But really the wines there are worth trying.



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