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It is actually not that hard at all to stay healthy and fit while on rotation! We are away 2 weeks from home but almost every hotel we stay has a gym so usually when I have energy I like to go to the gym or when there is no gym I do a little workout session in my room. It is also awesome to go for a run but I usually dont like to go for a run alone. Especially in the citys (so many people to try to get pass😀) so when I have another active person with me on a rotation I prefer to go together.

I also really like yoga so on work days when I feel really tired I just do some light yoga and stretching before bedtime as that already makes a difference too:)


It is fairly easy to even eat right. Usually before I proceed to work I already take some things with me like nuts, protein bars, some crackers etc. Also when on rotation I go to the supermarkets often to get some fresh herbs onboard and thats when I also get some things for myself like salads and veggies because if you eat in the hotel all the time it ends up being pretty expensive.

Also my main thing that I learned from a co-pilot is that it is super smart to always carry oatmeal with you!! I mix it with different seeds and nuts and It's really easy to carry along. Whenever I feel hungry and have nothing to eat or no options, oatmeal is great. Its quick and nutritious. Also I can make it in so may different ways, when im onboard I use some almond or cocounut milk and just mix it with oatmeal and berries and have it cold. When im in the hotelroom I heat up the water and put some honey and berries and it’s still delicious!! Even when im travelling as a pax and dont like the food options onboard I sometimes ask for hot water and mix my oatmeal in the cup.

I forgot to mention that I don’t eat meat and dairy but I do eat fish and I also try not to eat bread and wheat so I am definately picky but I still manage :)) People ask so often who am I, like vegan or vegetarian and its always so hard to explain 😂 But the truth is I don't like to limit myself to anything. Whenever I really want something I go for it as I also listen to my body and often cravings are actually telling us what our body needs at a certain moment 🙂.

As a private airline we have catering from pretty good and healthy places as well as thats what our customers prefer too, there's always fresh fruit and berries and often salads and homemade cereals besides warm food. I love it when we are on a Middle-East rotation because then we also have falafels and hummus so thats when I’m the most happpy🤤.

AAND I think another great thing that ive been thinking about is purchasing a nutribullet. I always make fresh smoothies at home and that way I could also have my superfood-smoothies while at work. But right now im still considering if I should get one and I have to check out how big and heavy they exactly are. They should be though super compact and small and easy to pack from what i've seen on the internet so far so im looking forward to trying it out :P Afterall we do spend more time at work than at home.

I also like to carry along some fish oil and vitamins, I don't go crazy with them 😄but I do take some to make sure im not missing any essential minerals.



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