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Have you ever considered being a #FlightAttendant or becoming a #pilot but are scared of flying? Are you scared of heights and can not imagine yourself up in the air or perhaps afraid of turbulence? Your ears start to really hurt on take-off and landing? What if the aircraft breaks down and you crash and land on a deserted island where you have to try to survive?

OKAY, Im making it sound very dramatic :D but are these the thoughts that go through your head when thinking about flying? Maby you are terrified of all of the above and flying once a month from A to B for Business/Family/Pleasure is just about all you can take on.

What if I told you that these fears are extremely common and when faced disappear like a fog on a clear sunny day.

A big air traveling stopper for many people is motion sickness however there are actually many ways and technics to overcome it. There are many wristbands and pills that help available in pharmacies and lots of technics to look up online.

My ears used to hurt on take-off and landings so badly when I was younger that it would make me cry. I also love my sleep and can't almost believe how often I have to fly at crazy hours. Even if it is still hard and challenging every single time one learns to work with all of it and gets to know their body and what works for them as an individual.

I know pilots who are scared of hights and when first started in flying school thought they would never be able to fly an aircraft and now they are the best most reliable and safe pilots out there.

Flying is definately demanding on ones lifestyle as the work rotations can be quite different from company to company. It also requires courage as the job market is very unpredictable and involves a lot of luck to be in the right place at the right time. Will the investment return is the big question everybody asks before putting down the payment for pilots licence. Working in aviation definitely requires out of the box thinking and creativity as one is often working with limited time and resources. No day is the same and a lot of passion and love for aviation is a must as it can be quite demanding. 

One of the most memorable conversations I have ever had was back when I was working for Emirates. I asked the Capten if it is hard to be a pilot and fly an aircraft to which he laughed and told me: "Well if I did it then certainly anyone can do it". I was so surprised to hear that because I had always had this image in my mind of cockpit with 10 000 different buttons in it and the pilots as being some NASA top scientist/austronauts to be able to stay on top of everything they need to do.

And BTW Flying is actually one of the safest ways to travel.🙂

It is hard to point out the exact things to overcome this or that as everybody is an individual and will find their own ways. Sometimes it takes time to figure out what works for you exacly but it is important to stay patient and positive. If flying and aviation has always been something that glares up your eyes but you are holding back because of fears then don't!😊

AND! It is never too late to start!🙂


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