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Be it for a commercial or a #corporateflightattendant position. Recruiters are often very specific in what they look for in the perfect candidate. The criteria to succeed is not hard, actually very simple but if not known one can easily miss the key points that recruiters are focusing on.

When I first started thinking attending a #FlightAttendantopenday I had no clue on what to expect. Luckily I had a friend who had already attendad some of the open days and was working as a flight attendant. She ran me through the key points I needed to focus on to be chosen and pass the interviews.

I put a lot of emphasis on all the points she told me and was among the 3% of people that passed Emirates cabin crew open day!!! I saw girls and boys that seemed like the perfect fit fall out ruthlessly as the recruiters cut down the number of people that had showed up.

Following and focusing on the same points also got me into private aviation after just one year for working for Emirates Airlines.


The key aspects to focus on are:

1. SMILE, SMILE and SMILE. It might sound funny but a very important thing is to just keep smiling. :D No jokes! Smiling gives off that vibe like you are approachable, friendly and open. All of the aspects that are very important when looking for a job in customer service area. Sometimes the first rounds in open day for commercial airlines are very short. They basicly show you a little video and then you drop off your CV. This is the round that only 50% of people are invited back. So all you can really do is to smile and give off that friendly and enthusiastic vibe.

2. BE FRIENDLY and mingle around as much as you can. Don't be the one who sits quietly in the corner while others are getting to know each other. Mingling around shows greatly how comfortable you feel among the people you are not yet familiar with. A lot of people travel great distances just to attend the open days or interviews and there might be people from many countries. Showing how you can effortlessly connect and chat with them shows recruiters how you would connect with their future potential customers.

3. BE PROACTIVE - as you get through rounds the recruiters will make you into groups. Do not hesitate to put yourself out there and offer to be the speaksperson of the group or offer to watch the time. Try to add value with your thoughts and opinions when discussing something inside the group and be in the picture.

4. BE A TEAM PLAYER. Being a flight attendant is all about being a team. Whether it will be a huge crew that consist of 25 people or a small one of just 3 people - it always comes down to being considerate towards each other and making decisions including everybody. While discussing things in a group be proactive but do not cut anybody off or do not be the sole person talking and taking decisions. Try to include all members of the group and ask for their opinion and ideas (extremely important).

For example when expressing your thoughts include - in my opinion, I think this would be a good idea but what do others think, maybe anybody can improve the idea. Show that you are open to everybody and it is about the whole team succeeding and not only you.

5. DRESS UP. Attend the interview as if you were going to work. You want to be looking your best self. One of the most important things in being a crew is grooming and the recruiters pay a close attention to that. TIPS: hair up, business attire (jacket and skirt, dress, suit for guys etc). For males no beard and for females a nice make-up look. You can always go with a nice and natural look but you can never go wrong with red lips either ;).

6. PREPARE YOUR ANSWERS. My moto is to be overprepared rather than underprepared. Prepare your answers to: (what has been your most difficult situation so far and how did you solve it; describe a situation where you had had to apply "attention to detail"; how would you approach a customer with a complaint and what solutions would you offer him/her; name a few touches you could make for a customer that would make them feel looked after/ felt welcomed etc)

These would be my top tips for you. I hope it was helpful and gave some good insight.

In case there is anything important I missed let me know and if you have any additional questions drop me an email or a comment below! :)



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