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  • Where to start?

Usually everything starts with a little bit of previous experience. Most essential would be to have some luxury service experience. Have you worked in 5 star hotels or restaurants? Maybe you have worked onboard private yachts or even cruise ships? Perhaps you have worked with high profile clients (such as celebs, multimillionaires, country leaders, royal families, presidents or executive CEO’s) outside of customer service area but know that type of profile of people and how to be around them. Have you been someones personal assistant? Perhaps you already have a backround in aviation? - Excellent?

There are cases where girls do not have any experience but they have got lucky and an owner has invited them to come and work for them or they know a flight attendant who recommends them to the owner and they can perform a trial flight. These cases are rather rare and you really have to be lucky. Also the country has to have some kind of aviation movement. For Estonia it can be quite tough as the local private aviation industry is small.

  • What happens if you do not have any experience?

Do not worry! Easiest would be to start with working for your local commercial aviation company to gain some experience or go and work in a high class restaurant/ hotel and then build further.

  • What do you need for applying?

Well written and thorough Resume

Well written and thorough Cover Letter

Professional profile and full length picture

  • Where to apply?

Keep an eye on some of these pages:





Linkedin job advertisements

  • Recruitment Process

Usually recruitment process consists of an initial application form which is followed by a Skype Interview which is then usually followed by an on sight interview.

For the on sight interview you might have to fly to the country the aviation company is based on and cover your own costs. Some companies will cover the initial costs, some might return them later if hired. Next phase of that would usually be a couple of trial flights to see how you like the job and how the owner likes you. However, if it is a charter company then there usually is no trial flight. After being hired one will go through an initial training in order to prepare for the role.

  • What you might have to be ready for when you get a job offer

lifestyle change

standby or rotational job

possible relocation

lots and lots of travelling

  • Where to get a luxury hospitality, service and etiquette training



LuxAviation Client Service Academy

Career consulting with Helerin (creator of Life on a Private Jet)

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