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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I remember being crazy tired and laying in bed after coming back home from a flight when I was still working for Emirates. I was imagining and visualizing how I would work private and have a schedule of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and could enjoy all of the free time but also still get to travel to exotic destinations. I was pretty much sure that if this would ever happen it would be a dream far away.

A little side note - people are different though, for some people it suits better to work long and short work schedule as it is for example in Emirates. It’s very individual so don’t get me wrong. Also for some people spending 2 weeks away from home every month can be too much and I was a bit of afraid of that in the beginning too, but now I have realised that for me this is perfect. Well it could always be a little shorter of course haha :D but no complaints lol!

Also there are work schedules where one spends a month at home and a month away or even 6 weeks home and 6 weeks on duty. In my opinion that’s already crazy long to where your personal life kind of starts to suffer but again people are different.

To work private you usually need around 3 to 5 years of career history in international airlines and a Premium Class experience. So to be honest I am very lucky to be able to work private after being involved in the aviation industry for just one year.

It is not always all flowery and bubbly though! When working for Emirates I was really exhausted because we had a lot of night flights and I am definately the kind of person who likes to be in bed by 12 am lol, otherwise my sleeping pattern just starts to get messed up and it becomes impossible for me to fall asleep.

And because of that, after working for Emirates for one year I thought okay it was an awesome time but I need to get my sleep back and decided to move back to Estonia to see if I could maby get a job in PR, as this is what I studied in uni. Things took though completely other turn when I thought I might as well apply for private aviation and give it a go and sometimes good things happen!! :P In Estonia we always say who does not take risks doesn't get to drink the champagne! Or you have to risk it to get the bisquit ;))))) lolzzz

The whole process took like 3 months from applying to proceeding to the training, so it takes time and it is important to stay patient.

ALSO I would like to apologise for all of my writing mistakes! I am originally Estonian and have spoken English for quite a while already but I am sure there are still loads of grammatical/sentence conjugation mistakes! So sorry for that and I hope it’s at least readable for natives xD.


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