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Updated: Mar 29, 2018

When in Dubai I am always walking around in a daze, it's just such an incredible place with all of its skyscrapers and luxurious lifestyle. The running joke in Dubai is that they have everything the worlds tallest and biggest in that city!!

I mean check it out: (Always read with the Worlds in the beginning :'D)

Worlds tallest building - Burj Khalifa

tallest hotel - the Gevora Hotel

biggest shopping mall - The Dubai Mall

largest picture frame - The Dubai Frame largest indoor theme park - IMG Worlds of Adventure

largest musical fountain - The Dubai Dountain..and the list could go on and on :D

I lived in Dubai for a year when I was working for Emirates, so it has definately a warm spot in my heart and I love going back there. Every time I go to Dubai, there are so many new things to do and discover. I went back home to Estonia in June 2017 and only in 6 months they managed to open The Dubai Frame, La Mer (beach promenade in Jumeirah), The Yard, Dubai Safari and the new ladies’ day at FIVE Palm Jumeriah Which I can nooot wait to go to!! :DD Thats what I love about Dubai there is always something to do, you are never ever bored.

I mean girls wouldn't you wanna go there!!??

ANYWAYS, this time I had quite a long layover there, I had 4 days in the beginning and then 2 more days later YAY! Like a mini vacay :P

Since we were staying close to where I used to live before, I decided to meet up with my angel-ex-flatmate and go and discover La Mer. We also wanted to go to The Dubai Frame and do the crazy skydive over the Dubai Palm!!! But unfortunately the weather was quite foggy for the frame and for the skydive you have to book a little bit more in advance but it is totally in my to do list!

AND I just discovered another SICKKKKK thing that I can not wait to do!! Zipline over Dubai Marina!! Check it out guys:

How awesomee is this heyyy?

Only good vibes in Dubai :PPP

La Mer is basicly a beachfront district with loads of cute cafes, restaurants and small attractions and they have really nice wall art everywhere. La Mer has this beachside charm to it and laid-back kind of vibe. I really liked it and the weather was also perfect, cause in the summertime its waaay to hot for any outdoor activities :D

I was so happy to see Joy again (my flatmate in Dubai) she is the kind of person who when you see, you start believeing that angels are among us on earth! :D And I think this is one of the best part about travelling that you have the chance to meet so many people from different parts of the world and get to know them.

It's actually super funny how we became friends, when I first moved to the place in Dubai, Joy lived there already and one day I was chilling in my room when I suddenly smelled this terrible scent. So I ran out of my room yelling and panicking if everything was okay and what happened, cause I legit thought that something is burning or someone has died (it was really that bad! :'D) And then I saw Joy standing in the kitchen and humbly telling me that she is just cooking some fish. In my head I thought greaaatt, I have to start putting up with this crazy smell, but we ended up being really good friends :))))

We took some pictures by the palm tree lined boulevard, chilled out by the ocean and later had lunch at a really cute arabic restaurant.

The next few days I spent at the beach and by the pool in the hotel which also had amazing views. Had to catch some sun on that crazy white body of mine which I actually ended up burning later that week in Africa xD I love those golden sunset hours when the light is just magical :))

Can not wait to go back to Dubai and continue my discoveries and do the sick Xline!!



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