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Dating a pilot? Ohh that sounds so glamorous, exotic, are you guys serious? Do you ever see each other? Aren't you afraid of his loyalty? Ohh they are such players! Girlfriend in every port! Never date a pilot!

These are the very first lessons I was taught by other flight attendants and colleagues when I started working in the industry. They are only good for some great fun they said and that's it! Stay away from them, they are no good! I was so suprised when my best girlfriends gave me the rundown of becoming a flight attendant 101 (while feeling like a total rookie myself) listening with eyes wide open and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Then I remembered the show Mile High and thought "Of course!" how could I be so naive.

Few months into my job I met a pilot who told me what an amazing and beautiful woman I am and how the guy would give anything just to be with me and marry me in a second. Just a cheap talk I thought but as I was single bit by bit I started to be charmed and spending more time together I fell in love only to find out the only thing he was looking for was a good time and perhaps an open relationship. Oh well..

On a short layover a good friend of mine fell for a pilot after a drink in the lobby bar and a story how a few years back he went through a very disheartening divorce. Only the next day after spending the night with him did he spill the beans that he was soon to be married again to another woman...

After all the experiences, stories and trillions of rumours about crew and pilots I was convinced that a relationship with a pilot would never work in a conventional way.

Well don't get me wrong we #flightattendants aren't the exact angels either. Not trying to bash pilots here only😅.

Once on a chilly gloomy day in Norway I felt like confronting pilots myself and finding out first hand from good colleagues that I trusted. I sat down with my two pilots and asked them "So guys, being a pilot yourself would you say that at some point with this lifestyle any pilot would cheat and be dishonest or are there exceptions, and there are truthful and commited pilots out there as well?" We had a long and honest discussion to which they determined that in the end every pilot will eventually give up and unfortunately end up being dishonest. Even after stereotyping pilots myself I was shocked to hear this. Deep down I was sure not every person is the same and men do have different values and moral codes even with our crazy schedule. That closed me up a bit more and I just focused on myself: what made me happy and having a good time.

I was really enjoying being single and grew to love the fact that I could put all my focus on myself and what makes me happy. When in the middle of a hot summer at a company event I met another pilot who came to chat to me and after five minutes of talk he started complimenting me and asked if he could kiss me. I was quite stunned because we had so many people around us and I certainly did not want to make out publicly with some random guy who I had just met. Our conversation lead to him telling me how he will marry me to which I started laughing hard cause I already knew what a load of B* that was. The next morning he told me he would very much like to see me again to which I already knew that he is saying it just to warm the mouth (expression we have in Estonia :D)

We started messaging and almost immediately he wanted to come and visit me. He flew out to Dallas just to celebrate my birthday with me for 12 hours, gifted me a helicopter trial flight with an instructor after hearing how I considered becoming a helicopter pilot, we travelled to 12 cities together in a year and he flew constantly crazy hours across the world just to spend A DAY at a time with me. All his actions spoke for himself and he completely swept me off my feet. Now we are married..😍

I can really only speak from my own experience and from my colleagues and friends but here's my conclusion: every men and every woman, every pilot and every flight attendant is different, there are players, there are free spirits, there are honest and dishonest crew and there are sweethearts.

Do not listen to words but watch a persons actions and you will know shortly who is looking for what.

We are all human and in the end of the day looking for the same thing: love. Doesn't matter if you work in the air, on the sea or on the ground. Weather you work in the office or in a hospital, if you do shift duty or work nine to five.  There are all of these characters everywhere and it is up to you to choose a person you match up with.


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