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With the global pandemic on the rise and more restrictions being put in place it is now clear that wealthy flyers have traded flying on regular commercial flights to private jets in order to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus from other passengers.

More and more private air charters are reporting an increase of interest globally since the start of the pandemic. Travelling privately the passengers can often just drive up to the aircraft or worst case go through a quick customs check with very limited personnel and that is quick and efficient, avoiding all the other travellers. Sharing the aircraft with only your family and the pilots sounds very comforting doesn't it! Whereas a normal commercial flight contains 700 points of contact from check-in to arrival.

With the beginning of the pandemic more and more commercial airlines ceased routes around the world. But there was still the need for people to get home. March and April were the months of repatriation and for many corporations and countries there was simply no other option than to book business jets to get their citizens back to their countries. Summer brought a slight ease to restrictions and travel bans, and families did not wait to use their chance to take some vacation bringing more flights to private jet companies. Also there are big corporations who are in need of the overseas business continuity.

As the World experiences second and third waves of coronavirus, people are again rushing back from vacations and work trips before the new measures are put in place. With more waves happen private aviation has remained relatively resilient. As Coronavirus has a clear impact on the availability of commercial flights, business aviation is connecting the urgent need to travel globally.

With the commercial aviation industry nosediving and their flight numbers decreasing they have had to let a lot of the staff and crew go. Business aviation crew however has been much more secure with most of them being able to keep jobs and remain very valuable getting people to where they need to go.

In case you have lost your job and are considering making a career change it is now time to start preparing you resume and send it out to various private jet companies! Yes there is most likely competition out there, but name another industry where there isn't at this point!


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