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WOW guys!! I really want to talk about Cape Town, I find it simply an amazing place. It has nature, it has adventure, and it has amazing food - especially seafood! There is just so much to enjoy.

Ive been there before once with Emirates and then we did a sightseeing rode trip to Cape of Good Hope. The ride to over there was beautifully scenic and we stopped in different lookout spots - they just blow your mind (literally cause of the wind too 😬😆) We drove along the coast and after the Cape of Good Hope went to see Penquins!! In Africa!!

OK I seriously do not know what I was thinking with my crazy-ass long hair like that😅

The African penguin is also known as the jackass penguin. The name "jackass" penguin comes for its loud, donkey-like bray😋.

So how a penquin survives in the heat of Africa you might wonder?

WELL they have a small pink gland above each eye that helps them cope with high temperatures in South Africa. The hotter the penguin gets, the more blood is sent to these glands where it is cooled by the surrounding air - that keeps the animal cooler. The glands turn pinker as the little fellow gets hotter.

📍Boulders Beach

Last rotation I was there again and Im not sure how many days I had in total since we flew in and out. This time me and the capten climbed up the Signal Hill. Unfortunately Lion Head which is connected to Signal Hill was closed for the hike as a pretty bad fire broke out up there and the top is completely burnt. The views were really nice and especially to the Table Mountain. Signal Hill is really close to the Table Mountain and you can really see its greatness from there. 

Wanted to hike up Signal Hill but it was closed due to the burn🙁

Table Mountain

One really needs to be super careful with the sun in Africa though, because it’s so close to the equator the sun is super strong and clever. It does not show any redness but after a little while you suddenly turn red like a lobster and wonder what happened??

Of course being so close to the table mountain I was really itching to go up there too.

When we returned to Cape Town I decided to have a quick hike up the Table Mountain. I was really happy to spend a night in Cape Town as I thought I would finally rest well before going to my 17h proceeding home but somehow I managed to sleep only 4 hours in the night. Despite the tiredness I still felt like it’s now or never and I need to go up Table mountain since I really wanted to do it already years ago, back to when I was there the first time.

Say hello to my super nice tan

So basicly you can go up the mountain with cable cars. The ride up is literally like 5 min but me, of course felt like if I was to do that I would be a cheater???? (like FTW) After 4h of sleep I felt like I would be a cheater?? (🤔😤) Anyways, I was told the hike up there would be 1,5h. So I was like ok this is like one of the shortest hikes, ill just push through and be up there quickly and then take the cable car down and get some more sleep before the flight - well at least that was the plan. In the magical fairy land..

Sooo things turned out very much differently. On the way up I met a guy from Africa and we started chatting, he was really nice and somehow we both felt like hanging out and hiking up together. Since I somehow always show up everywhere unprepared without any research I trusted him when he said we would have to follow the signs to Devil’s Peak (found out later that this is a complete other hike) - So im guessing you already know where im going with all of this…. 1,5h into the hike we discovered that somehow we are going more and more away from the top where we are supposed to end up and decided to start going back🤦🏻‍♀️🙈. I kept looking at the time but thought since im up here and doing this I need to finish.

At this point I thought it would probably take us another hour. WELLLL after an hour we met some people who said there is still 1,5h to go to the peak. SO much from the nap before the flight - by this time I wanted to make sure I would not miss the flight in total. I was soo exhausted as It was blasting hot, I had ran out of water and was wearing a hoodie in order to not get another burn on top of my already burned skin. The end was CRAZY steep, just big rocks on top of other forming a stairway to the top to climb. I really wanted to stop by this point and take a break but because of the time I couldn't so I was literally crawling up and telling myself how i'm a freaking gasell and a mountain goat to keep going😵😂.

After 4hours I was there!! I had survived, I didnt really even get to enjoy the view as I ran through the top, bought some water and rushed to the cable car que.

In total it was soooo worth it but man, at least the taxi driver got a good laugh.

I really recommend going to Cape Town for people who are a bit tired from their regular holiday/vacay. There is so much to do. Our capten who was a local said the shark cage diving there is simply amazing as it's full of Great White Sharks and they come up really close to you. So this is my plan for my next time there. Also they have amazing wine, wineries and seafoood.

Watch this for some shark cage diving motivation😁

HAHA I will still do it lol!

Hope u enjoyed my post and let me know what you would love to read about😊 xxx.


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