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AKA some first world problems..

I remember being a kid and driving past fancy hotels and trying to imagine what it is like to stay in one of them. They always looked so exclusive and mysterious as I had never been to one before✨✨


Things have changed 😬

As Im home for two weeks and then fly around with work for another two, sometimes it's quite hectic and we change hotels basicly every day. If with Emirates I was really good and never forget anything behind, then now I lose something every SINGLE rotation ( rotation = every single time I go to work) 

The irony is that I always triple check my room but somehow I still miss items.. and I do know that I can only blame myself😅. I forget things in the fridge, quite often phone and laptop chargers and cables, sometimes a hoodie, a shirt, a bra.....

I guess it is a good thing that at least im making someones day 😂😂.

Sure it is nice to stay in beautiful resorts and hotels but a lot of the times they are fully booked or we have a shorter stay and we are staying a bit closer to the airport. Also when you're travelling for 2 weeks straight every month you really start to appreciate your home time as well😊.

Actually the struggle gets super real when ur jet lagged and want to go to bed but you can not find that stupid lightswitch😂😂 or when you need to take a shower and it takes you 5 min to figure out how to get the water running😅.

I know ur prolly thinking like ftw is wrong with this girl but I promise you im not the only one!!!!😂 Who can relate?!?

And of course because of my Nemo's aunt Dory's memory I almost always forget to lock my door so every other day I have someone popping into my room!! And im like helloooo please let me sleep.

Whoever has some time to kill can watch this silly video😅😅. It sums it all.

Just to let you know that of course I do not think that any of these are REAL problems in my or anyones life. There are much more to think about and be concerned about in this world but I just wanted to show some of the funny part of always travelling around and being on the road or air😊.



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