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During our super-busy summer rotation I managed to spend two amazing days in Bodø, Norway. I am a total sucker for Norway. Firstly, for the beautiful mountains and fjords and secondly, it's Scandnavia and it is close to my home country Estonia, so the chilly weather reminds me of my home 😊. Even though they are completely different but whatever😅

Little side note😁:

I actually think that my two most favourite places in the world so far are Hawaii and Norway. In some ways they are soo similar and yet they are also extremely different. But what amazes me the most about these places is the incredibly beautiful landscape and ocean - it just blows me away.

Despite the fact that it was August and our whole crew was completely crushed, I still managed to do a little bit of sightseeing while having a pillow stuck in my face.

As soon as we landed I asked the handler guy what would be the best hike not too far from the city that he would recommend. He instantly said Keiservarden, which I was pleased to hear because this is what I also had found from Google and it seemed very scenic and beautiful. I love to double check though and ask suggestions from locals cause who else knows better right?! :))

After arriving to the hotel we all rushed to the port to have some dinner. The prices were heavy but no one cared since we were all starving. I ordered myself some mussels which were AMAZINGGG ofcourse. My crew ordered fish and chips which also tasted really good! I love seafood and this is defo the place to have them as well.

Saltstraumen maelstrom via VideoBlocks

The next day I decided to go on a little boat trip to see the whirlpools. It was a little bit gray outside with some light rain but I could'nt care less and the receptionist girl said that it is actually better to go with a bad weather as the experience will most likely be better👻. I also managed to drag my First Officer along which made it more fun!

The boat trip was really interesting and I loved the fjords and the landscape but I was a little dissapointed when I saw the whirlpools and found out that we are not going to drive into them and go on a thrillride, as that was what I had pictured in my mind😁.

Apparently the whirlpool current is very strong. Its speed can go up to 40 km/h, creating powerful whirlpools that can be up to 10 meters wide and if you accidently go into one it sucks you in and most probably you wont be able to swim out of it So basicly its a deathtrap!

Via VideoBlocks

The world’s strongest tidal current is Saltstraumen and this is exactly where we were. Every six hours a large amount of water rushes through the channel that connects the ocean and the fjord and whirlpools are created because the water level is trying to balance itself out.

By Thomas Kleine

We also drove to a bay for what looked like a little paradise beach with its super clear water and amazing white sand, the only thing that was not there was the weather 😬


Soooo nice rightttt.

We ended our day in the rooftop bar of Radisson and enjoyed the magnificent views of the sunset:)

BUT my second day was even more fun! Sun was finally shining and I was super excited cause I had planned to go for the Keiservarden hike. Unfortunately my crew did not want to join me so I had to do the 16km round trip myself. I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first and unsure if I will manage to jog for this long but I thought i'll just start running and if I get tired I can maby go to another look out point that was kind of on the way and kind of not😁. Somehow it all went way quicker. I ran 4km and then the walk up the mountain started. It was pretty chill and nothing extreme and when I looked back the views were amazing. At the very top there was a 360 view and you could see little bit of the Lofoten islands as well!!

I ran back the 8km and had some take out and made a cosy movie night after that😊


ps: sry guys for not posting any of my own pics this time but their quality wasn't super good and I thought you would enjoy these more:))


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