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A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit Beirut, we were there on a layover and got about 36 hours to get acquainted with this city. I really had no expectations whatsoever as I stepped out from our cute superheroe themed hotel Smallville. We went for a stroll around the city with the first officer (co-pilot) and I was suprised when I learned that Beirut is actually known as "the Paris of the Middle East" thanks to its French influences and vibrant cultural life. The Lebanese capital got its nickname after World War II but things changed when civil war broke out in 1975 and it got covered with bomb and bullet holes.

We didn't have to go far at all to start noticing all the buildings with mayor bullet holes in them! There were so many buildings absolutely covered with bullet holes that we almost couldn't understand what were all of these holes about.

In the beginning we thought maby the buildings are so old that they have just started to shatter in this way, but obviously not! All of them were bullet holes from the 15 year civil war in Lebanon which lasted from 1975 to 1990 and killed an estimated of 120,000 Lebanese people.

The buildings with bullet holes aren't hidden away in some certain district or region - they are to be found everywhere! Among the fancy shopping district, cute cafes on street corners and are even piercing the sculptures on the majestic squares.

As we were heading towards the coastline we passed through several streets and the picture was quite sad to be honest, we had kids and adults running after us begging for money and food which was heartbreaking. We also saw a lot of policemen still on the streets with their guns protecting certain streets, i'm not only sure from what though.

We also passed by some really cool and funny street graffity.

And please do not look at my horrible nails, I probably thought my nails looked super cool and wanted to show them off haha xD

When we finally made it to the coastline and the Pigeon Rock (cause the walk was seriously long! :D) I was struck how gorgeous it was!!! We got there exacly for the magic hour when the sun was low and golden. I just kind of went crazy and started running around the whole area to see everything and ofcourse make some pictures before the sun would set.

Freaking amazing ey!!

After seeing Beirut ravaged from the civil war I was soo suprised to see how gorgeous the coastline was!!

Haha happy kid :D

Beirut is definately one of the places that really suprised me with its uniqueness and beauty. This city really speaks to you as you are walking through the streets and has its own story. I have to say I enjoyed my time in Beirut very much and I definately recommend going there if you like to see things that are not that common for tourist eyes and the food is great too!

And I hope I did not pour you over with too many pics heh:D


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