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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

SOO, my first layover took me to Kazakhstan, Almaty. Which is definately not like it is portraid in the movie "BORAT" !!! Maybe in the countryside it is... but #Almaty definately not, it used to be Kazakstan capital until 1997 and is still its largest metropolis.

In the city you could still find loads of old Russian style buildings but they really had some of the nicest and most modern coffee shops which were soo cozy and all equipped with great wifi!

SERIOUSLY, how cute is this?!! Like a magical fairytale land

And then we went up to the ski-resort called #Shymbulak, which is actually the largest in Central Asia! AND I fell in love with the crazy gorgeous mountains.

The compulsory touristy pic, which I actually feel so bad about and feel sad for the bird :(

Since it was super freezing up high after taking 3 ski lifts and I felt my hands freezing and almost falling off we had to take a little break in the cafe and get back our warmth. This place had amazing views!! The white fog after the mountains is actually cloudbed so u can only imagine how high we actually were.

Okay don't imagine, the internet sais its 3,200 metres (10,500 ft) above the sea level :)

CREWFIE with my amazing first crew!! Really an amazing team didn't wanna leave them in the end of the rotation :'(


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