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Have you been wondering what flight attendants do on a 9h #ferryflight ?

"Ohh they must be travelling like passengers who pay thousands for these flights!" Well Not quite! :D Sometimes when ALL of your duties are done then yes we get to relax and go through that Condé Nast Traveler magazine. But before that we have A LOT to get through as well😅

So let's start. I usually start with my absolute must do's first. First of all I get the cabin going - power on, set lightning and put appliances and video monitors on - then I get my #crew some coffee and water and make sure they are happy - WE R A TEAM😊😋.

Then If I have bought something from the supermarket or ordered some stock items - these need to be put away. Sometimes it can be quite a lot as well! As it is everything you can imagine - toothbrushes, lotions, nasal sprays, sponges, soaps, gloves, soft drinks, snacks, trash bags ETC!

NEXT UP I move on with my must do's such as stow away the previous flight dishes and cutlery from the atlas box. After that I fold the linen (table linens, napkins, beddings). With this the ABSOLUTE must do's are done but that does not mean that you have finished - not at all😁

Now I move on to (according to the situation of the aircraft at that moment) counting the inventory - that includes all the stock I have onboard. Such as creams, lotions, bedding, amenity kits, drinks, all galley items, cabin entertainment items etc. - Which if you are not organised can take up quite some time! I wont tell you the exact time as it depends a lot on the stock items and which aircraft you are flying as bigger planes have naturally more stock! Sometimes if I do not want to do all in once I do parts of it on different flights and ferry legs.

As I have finished with the inventory I can always still polish the cutlery and glasses, go over again and polish the cabin as the dust sets in very fast. Then check the expiry dates on the soft drinks and fridge items and If I have a long night flight coming in next then prepare beds before hand for the next sector.

And between all of that you have to feed the flight deck and yourself 😄.

So lets go over it one more time: Ferry leg duties:

-Set up cabin

-Stow the items bought/ordered

-Stow dishes and cutlery

-Fold linen -Count the inventory

-Polish cutlery and glasses

-Check expiry dates

-Feed yourself and flight deck (most important of them all of course! :D)

-Prepare beds

-Polish and clean the cabin

My dear Flight Attendants please let me know if I have forgotten anything as I am sure there is always something more to do!!😄

And I am really wondering what you guys think how it is to be a flight attendant and if you would ever consider doing it?😋


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